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Mythical Deerladies Necklace

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Fascinated by mythical creatures? The ancient Egyptians believed that by placing an animal’s head on a human, the person might inherit some of the qualities of that animal. Rabbitgirl and Deerlady mythical pendant necklaces are perfect for the artistic and mysterious you!

This mythical wooden pendant is laser cut with wood-printed finish. Necklace chain and pendant tray have a silver finish that nicely compliments the wood pendant.

They make great unique gifts ideal for a close friend. Surprise someone in your life with these quirky necklaces!

Pendant measures 2.7 cm in diameter.
Necklace chain measures approximately 46cm.

Paperdaise necklaces are handcrafted with utmost care and dedication. Wood printing may varies slightly, so no two are exactly alike but equally awesome!