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Diana Handmade Brooch by Paperdaise

Diana Handmade Brooch by Paperdaise

Diana Brooch & Hairclip in Royal Blue and White Lace Couture

A rich royal blue felt flower brooch, set on a white flower lace with silver trimming, dark blue dual tone tulle and a black floral fabric base, finished with a rhinestone jewel with a dangling metallic chain.

Wear it as a hair accessory; pin on a wedding bridesmaids dress, a lace dress, an office dress, or a casual top. You can even dress up a ribbon sash, purse, a bag or a belt! Definitely a versatile flower accessory suitable for any occasion or as a gift for a close friend or loved one.

Flower measures 11.5 cm in diameter at widest length.

All accessories are designed with love and handcrafted with utmost care and dedication. Thank you for shopping at Paperdaise Accessories ❤
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